The last “super bloom” in 2005. Source: Wikimedia

Bloom, there it is! Death Valley’s flower power

The hottest and driest place in North America has turned into one of the most beautiful this spring. Death Valley is currently experiencing questions the biggest bloom of wildflowers in over a decade.  The bloom, which is the largest since 2005, has been brought by unusually high rains over the last few months, probably caused by a strong El Nino year.

The flora that live in Death Valley are adapted to its infrequent rainfall (less than 2.5 inches – 6 cm annually). Which is why many of the native flowering plants have seeds that can keep dormant for years until they await the right conditions to begin germinating. So while most of the year the park appears desolate, it’s plant life simply waiting for the right opportunity to show off it’s beauty.

If you are like me and can’t take the next week off from work to drive to southeastern California to witness the rare event for yourself, make sure you do the next best thing and check out the pictures from the LA Times and  National Geographic.

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