Our First Video! Mountains and Convergent Plate Boundaries

Key Vocabulary: Convergent, plate tectonics, convection current, density, mountains, subduction, uplift, magma

Next Generation Science Standards: 

  • MS-ESS2-2. Construct an explanation based on evidence for how geoscience processes have changed Earth’s surface at varying times and spatial scales.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s finally here. Today Science Over Everything has published our first of what will be many videos explaining everyday science concepts. In this first video, we explain how mountains are formed by convergent plate boundaries.

Big shout outs go to Michael Clouse who directed the video and created the animations. We couldn’t have filmed the clips in the German Alps without Mary Ellen Finnegan and Grace Cook. And big thanks to Libby Schirtzinger and DePaul Cristo Rey High School for letting us borrow their classroom.

If you liked this video, please share it on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  We plan on producing several more before the end of 2017, so stay tuned!

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