New Podcast Features Conversations with Future Martians

Would you have what it takes to live as a martian…forever?

On December 19th, 1972, Gene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Jack Schmitt returned to Earth aboard Apollo 17, landing in the South Pacific Ocean. In the 46 years since, no human has left low Earth orbit, a frustrating four decades for the intrepid. Massive cuts to NASA has slowed space exploration to a crawl. But private funding surge has given hope that humans can reach Mars in the near future. MarsOne is just one of the many organizations looking to reach the Red Planet and have whittled down their list of potential candidates for the first mission to 100 finalists. These brave souls will undergo rigorous mental and physical testing before being chosen to first mission will take the first four Martians.

Two of the MarsOne finalists, Josh Richards and Dianne McGrath, have started a new podcast interviewing the other 98 candidates on why they would sign up for a one-way ticket to Mars and what they are doing to prepare for their journey. Their conversations are a fascinating look into the minds of people who are willing to give up their entire lives for science. Their first two episodes are out and you can listen to them below or on Soundcloud!

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