Chris Anderson – Explorer-in-Chief

Twitter Handle: @TheScienceJedi

Science hero: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Favorite Star Wars movie: Return of the Jedi

Baseball jersey of choice: Jose Ramirez

Maggie Allen – Oceanic Heroine

Twitter: @maggie_allen12

Favorite way to get travel: Whitewater kayaking

Down low super power: Movie trivia and rap lyrics

Literary contributions: A young adult trilogy about a young woman caught up in a supernatural world.

Erin Carrus – Aquatic Adventurer 

Twitter: @etcarrus

Recommended hiking trail: Cloudsplitter at the Red River Gorge

Favorite book: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer 

Collegiate sports of choice: Lacrosse, swim, softball, and rugby

James Crumpler – Environmental Ranger

Twitter: @JJCrumplerIII

Best running distance: Half marathon 

Favorite National Park: Great Sand Dunes NP

Afternoon Podcast: Pod Save America

Shannon Fasola – Geology Rocker

Kylie Martinod – Curriculum Builder

Favorite angiosperm: Hydrangea 

Pastime that doesn’t involve plants: Knitting

Top reason to dress like a witch: Halloween 

Neil Narayan – Urban Data Dweller

Twitter: @NeilSmash

Famous dinner recipe: 3 bean chili

Ultimate frisbee status: Retired professional

Metal music festival of choice: Rock the Range, Columbus, Ohio

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  1. Chris,

    I came to the Plate Tectonic session at NSTA last week. Thanks again for all the great resources. I was interested in looking at the teacher resource guides for your county. I did not get the name of the NSELA president (your co-presenter) to email her and ask for access. I would appreciate your help with this.

    K-12 Science Specialist
    Escambia County School District

  2. I am using the triangulation lab worksheet, but the three circles for the seismic stations are not overlapping. I have done this before with other worksheets and have never had a problem. What Am I doing wrong?

  3. Hi. Random comment here, but, first off, great website. Great material. I really appreciate it as a middle school science teacher. I recently used the earthquake epicenter activity with my 7th graders. But, there was some confusion. And, without an answer key, I wasn’t quite sure how to help them. My students being the enternal inquireres are still really curious. Is there someone I could email just to ask a quick question to about that activity? Thanks so much!

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