James Crumpler – Environmental Ranger

James Crumpler is currently a graduate student researcher at Miami University with a background in the non-profit, public, and private sectors of the environmental services industry. After graduating with a BA in history from Centre College, he applied for a 6-month crew member position with Montana Conservation Corps, followed by a one year crew leader position with Texas Conservation Corps. In moving back to Cincinnati, he served a summer with Cincinnati Parks and led a crew of high school students in environmental work through the Mayor’s Green Leaf program. At Miami University, he helped research and write the Elk Creek Watershed Inventory Report, and created a sustainable energy index of cities, counties, and townships in the state of Ohio. Upon completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, with a concentration in public administration, James expects to work in environmental services (consulting or government) for the next several years. His hobbies include coming up with really bad puns (the kind that make everyone groan), listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, playing long strategy board games (Twilight Imperium anyone?), glass blowing (when time and money are available), and laughing at the shenanigans of people or dogs doing funny things. P.S. There are a lot of hobbies he enjoys!

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