Shannon Fasola – Geology Rocker

Shannon is currently a graduate student at Miami University with a background in geophysics and seismology. Natural disasters have always been a fascination of hers. As a child her dream was to chase tornadoes. Within the last few years at college, she was successful in narrowing down this vast area of interest to the topic of earthquakes. She received her BS in geology from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin and came to Miami shortly after to study geophysics and seismology. After finishing her MS, she had enjoyed what she studied so much she decided to stay on for a PhD in hope of one day becoming a professor and teaching others. Her current research focuses on seismicity that occurs in clusters in the Mexico subduction zone in order to better characterize them in space and time. Shannon is also the student director of seismometer deployments at Miami where she trains students on fieldwork. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, hiking, and photography.

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